Farewell To Autumn

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Farewell To Autumn

Just a few days ago, we were sweating it out on the coast of Shizuoka. I spent half the day surfing; the other half trying to fend off the humidity. It was so warm that autumn hadn’t really taken hold – the ocean was still perfectly bearable (granted, with a wetsuit) and the leaves hadn’t started to change colour. It definitely still felt like summer in its death throes.

But, and I really can’t emphasis this enough: Japan is a massive country, a massive country made up mostly of mountains. So today, after only a couple of hours on a bus, we arrived in the heart of Gifu in the midst of the Japanese Alps. And it was cold. Very cold. In fact, when we took a look around, hell, it was like we were saying goodbye to autumn already.




ほんの数日前、静岡県の下田で汗ばむ一日を過ごした。その日は蒸し暑いお天気の中半日以上サーフィンを楽しんだ。本当に温かい一日で、ウェットスーツを着ていたとは言え、海の中にいて気持ちがよかったほどだ。 紅葉は全く始まってなかったし、秋と言うよりは夏の終わりと言う一日だった。