Katy Morrison and Jamie Lafferty are an English, Scottish and ultimately British couple desperately clinging onto the remaining days of their twenties. They spent 14 months travelling the world from June 2010, but when it comes to seeing the globe, they don’t view greed as a deadly sin. They applied for the Travel Volunteer Project during the last few days of their big trip in the hope that getting it would keep them out of the real world for a few months more.
To their total surprise, the plan worked.
They were in Bolivia in March 2011 and watched the news of the earthquake and tsunami with horror, and then embarrassment at the coverage. They hope their blogging efforts will go a little way to making amends for some the wild speculation and dangerous hearsay from certain – mostly American – media outlets in the aftermath of the disaster.
Prior to all of that, they were working in Dubai where they met while working for a publishing company. Jamie confessed his interest for Katy with a drink in each hand and the immortal words: “I fancy you,” although neither of them would recommend this tactic. Since then, they have travelled to over 30 countries together, and Antarctica, where they were engaged last year. On that occasion, Jamie used the line: “Will you marry me?”

Jamie believes he sounds smarter when he’s writing.
Katy isn’t so sure.
Japan is the 54th country they have visited. They suspect it may be one of their favourites…

Name: Katy Morrison
Birthday: 20th August 1982
Occupation: Photographer/Graphic designer
Favourite place on Earth (so far and not including Japan): Antarctica
Favourite TV show and movie: True Blood and Amelie
Favourite foods: Argentinian steak, Thai green curry, Nepalese momos and her mum’s Sunday roast
Interests: Travelling, painting, snowboarding, crafting and crochet, and Alexander Skarsgard!

Name: Jamie Lafferty
Birthday: 5th April 1983
Occupation: Journalist, writer.
Favourite TV show and movie: Breaking Bad and There Will Be Blood
Favorite place on Earth (so far, and not including Japan): Antarctica
Favourite food: Argentinian steak, Mexican tacos, Cambodian fish amok, British fish and chips.
Interests: Travelling, golf, snorkelling, world domination.




ケイティ・モリソン (1982年8月20日生まれ)

ジェイミー・ラフェッティ (1983年4月5日生まれ)