Day Zero

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in Ishikawa, Travel Volunteer Journey | 2 Comments

There was a moment underneath the low-ceiling in Kaikaro in downtown Kanazawa, with film crews in our faces, backed by clicking cameras, when I wondered if the belt on my kimono was too tight. It would have gone some way to explaining why my head had gone numb.
It had just been announced that we would be the official Travel Volunteers. In response, our mouths were making noises about the “trip of a lifetime” and being “humble” and “proud” – which were all absolutely true – but the whole thing raced away from us like an out-of-body experience. People say getting married is like this: an excited blur, in which you are only a bit-part player.

Then came a swell of responsibility: the two dozen people in the room had picked us to represent their businesses, their towns – their entire country. Behind us, we could feel the disappointment of the other finalists. We had said we would be the best: now we will have to prove it.
The tight belts have long been removed, but as we get ready to start visiting Japan’s 47 prefectures, the numb, excited feeling will be with us for a while yet.


  1. Victoria
    September 15, 2011

    Short and sweet- already liking your approach- GOOD LUCK, you’ll be great.

    Disappointed as I was not to be selected for even the top 5, very happy for you both! Enjoy and safe travels to you : )

  2. Natalie Neal
    September 15, 2011

    It’s exciting to be able to travel with you. To see the marvels that you will see, and experience the many treasures of Japan which you will share with us. Best wishes for a joyful journey!