The Bridge to Heaven

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The Bridge to Heaven

One thing we’ve noticed about the Japanese: they can be frightfully competitive with one another. All over the country even the most humble of prefectures must claim to be the biggest/fastest/strongest/best in something, whether that’s soba making or sake brewing or rice growing etc and so on.

But one thing we’ve noticed is that nowhere claims to have the best view. This is probably wise as A) it’s an entirely subjective thing and B) because there already seems to be an official selection of Japan’s “Greatest Views”. We’ve been lucky enough to see them all now. First there were the islands of Matsushima in Miyagi prefecture, which admittedly we only we saw briefly; then there was the Torii gate at Miyajima, Hiroshima, which thanks to some atrocious weather didn’t look exactly great.

Today we visited the last of them, Amanohashidate (the Bridge to Heaven, so named because of how it appears if you look at it upside down) in northern Kyoto prefecture. The bridge itself is a 3.5km natural sandbar that intersects a bay and is jam-packed with 8,000 pine trees. You can walk along the entire thing, or view it from above. Does that qualify it the best view in Japan? We’re not sure, but in a low winter sun, we’re certain the whole thing is pretty. Damned pretty.



それはきっとA) あまりにも主観的なことだから、B) 日本にはすでに“日本三景”というのが存在するから に違いない。




  1. Joe Lafferty
    December 14, 2011

    Do like the syncronised diving.

  2. Joe Lafferty
    December 14, 2011


  3. cdb
    December 14, 2011

    Wow! Wish I can take pictures like that, lots to learn still

    • Katy & Jamie
      December 15, 2011

      CDB, You already can! I love your food photography, it’s just gorgeous!